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Whisk Cakes has many wedding themed rentals at your disposal. From Cake bases, separators and cake dummies to Candy, Popcorn and Juice Bar Rental Packages, we have what you need. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. We are always bringing in new products and would love to hear your suggestions!
Cake Bases

Please click on the pictures to view the dimensions and description of each item
Individual Cake Stands/ Cupcake Stands
Acrylic Individual Cake/ Cupcake Stand

Stands 12 1/2 inches high

Top tier: 6 inch diameter
3rd tier: 8 inch diameter
2nd tier: 10 inch diameter
Base: 12 inch diameterMini Cake Stand- small
This stand can hold up to 75 mini cakes or less if you want a cutting cake on the top tier. Made out of painted and sealed wood, we will add ribbon around the edges of each of the tiers to match your wedding!Mini Cake Stand- Large
This stand can hold 200+ mini wedding cakes. We also have different heights of spacers to accomodate different heights of cakes. This stand is also made out of painted (white) and sealed wood and will have ribbon matching your wedding colors around the edge of each tier
If you are interested in any of the below items, please feel free to ask us about rental fees, delivery and pick up.
Candy, Popcorn and Juice Bar Rental Packages
Our 17 piece Glass Container Set is great for a Candy Bar or any other type of confectionary bar that you would like to have at your special event! 
Contact us for more information!The 17 piece set includes: 3 small glass containers....4 Bell Glass Containers....6 Cylinder Glass Containers in varying heights and widths....2 Specialty Glass bowls.......and two Apothacary containers with lids which you can add your own color of ribbon around if you like!
17 pc Glass Container Package for a Candy Bar
(or other confectionary)
Why spend all that money to purchase multiple Glass containers for your Wedding Candy, Popcorn or Juice Bar that your not going to use after the wedding? We have the solution for you!!
Popcorn Bar Rental Package

Juice Bar Rental Package

Round, Gold Cake Stand
14" Diameter
8" tall14" diameter Wood Cake Stand
Created using reclaimed wood from the 1800's!Blush Pink Cake Stand
14" Diameter, 8" tallNude Round Cake Stand
14" diameter
8" tall
Black Round Cake Stand
14" diameter
7" tallModern Silver Round Cake Stand
14" diameter
8" tallPlum Round Cake Stand
14" diameter
8" tallHot Pink Round Cake Stand
14" diameter
8" tallWhite English Cake Stand
14" Diameter
8" tallIvory Scalloped Cake Stand
***Ribbon can be changed to any color***
12" Diameter
5" tallClear Glass Cake Stand
13" Diameter
6" tallWhite Branch Cake Stand
13" Diameter
8.5" tallAssorted Sweet table Stands
Small, round assorted cake stands perfect for small sweets on display!Sterling Silver Round Cake Stand
14" Diameter
4" tallSmall White Lower Scallop Cake Stand
10" Diamter
5" tallLARGE Sterling Silver Cake Stand
22" Diameter
5.5" tall
Square Sterling Silver Cake Stand
16" Square
6" tallWhite English Square Cake Stand
14" Square
8" tallSmall, Square White Cake stand
12" Square
4" tallClear Acrylic Cake Stand
***Perfect to place lights, flowers or other decor in so that your cake looks like its floating!
16" Square
4" tall
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